Our Modern teaching approaches help the children to acquire many skills that will enable them to analyse information, recognise task options and apply them to problem solving situations. We are committed to academic excellence and believe that thinking children can explore ideas in their studies. These innovative abilities can make the students more successful in present competitive society.
We encourage personal habits of hygiene, cleanliness in wearing school uniform and keeping their surroundings clean; also in forming good character as graceful manners, and polite obedience.
We maintain a good moral code of conduct that sets an example for a safe and harmonious environment. The children are expected to behave well and accept reasonable discipline for misconduct.
Children in this school are made to feel they can play a part in serving others. So as our students mature we look to them for leadership roles to help and guide younger students. Also our younger children have talents that we wish to see in our school projects.
Our broad based curriculum goes beyond the formal academic subjects and includes sports, games, hobby clubs, arts music and drama. This gives our education curriculum a holistic dimension that develops healthy children in body, mind and spirit. However we do not neglect academic studies and expect all students to make good effort in their study tasks.
We encourage parental support and ensure children’s needs are addressed, whether these are academic or social welfare issues. We fully recognise that our students are our sons and daughters and seek their co-operation in providing the best education for them.
The faculty members are strategic and put their utmost efforts to make the students learn with well-implemented techniques and teaching plans.
Ancient Indian language, Sanskrit is taught which inculcates in the students to become exclusive advanced learners which helps to enlighten them to face different phases of the world.
Children here are encouraged in various sports like Yoga, karate, basketball etc to outsource themselves globally and are highly spirit-oriented. Adding beauty to the overall curriculum, the children get to learn ample of club activities such as creative writing, public speaking,dramatics,quiz,instrumental,singing,dancing etc to gather momentum in creativity and to endless opportunities to perform throughout.
The spacious Chemistry,Physics,Biology laboratories are well-equipped which are always as a helping hand to the students for their practical experiments with the assistance of well-accomplished lab assistants to help them perform novel experiments.
The teachers are perfect epitome of a combination of a friend, philosopher and guide who hold the motto to motivate the minds and mettle of the young achievers. They help them learn, read and write efficiently and so to attain a gracious and deliberate personality. They sustain enormous teaching qualities which helps the children eradicate negativity and to perk themselves with intense understanding and depth of knowledge. The school is divided into primary,middle and senior wings.
The teaching-learning method is encouraged with the help of the EXTRAMARKS SMARTCLASS SYSTEM. It contains various animations,real-life applications,multiple choice questions and the like. There are innumerable contents to groom with the play-and-learn method for their adequate attention to study and reach greater heights in their lives ahead.