Sprawled over 2.1 acres of pristine land, the campus of Dhanbad City School, Dhanbad is spread along a unique spot at Dhanbad, set amidst flush greenery natural resources and beauty enriched with life; far from the maddening crowd, the noise and air pollution, an environment conducive for the imparting of holistic education from this Temple of Learning. DHANBAD CITY SCHOOL, Dhanbad, under the aegis of DHANBAD CITY SCHOOL Society, threads determinants of education to fashion the best educational experience for the pupils – a school that evolves perception and consistency of purpose to students with the best possible academic environment so as to send them fully prepared to meet life’s challenges with confidence and ease.

We at DHANBAD CITY SCHOOL Dhanbad believe in engaging students in education as an ‘experience’ rather than ‘compulsion’. When the distance between the teacher-mentors and the students is reduced to zero, it metamorphoses into a strong ‘guru-shisya’ bond, exciting the pupils who turn into eager participants in the teaching learning process. Our teachers labour in this profession because they love it, are good at it and can answer a high purpose of existence. For, we, at DHANBAD CITY SCHOOL Dhanbad believe that it is an illustrious distinction to guide the footsteps of the youth. The teacher is not to create – they are to draw out. Our faculty desires to inspire students to indulge in education that makes the acquisition of knowledge easy and smooth.